Law X.O provides this comprehensive taxonomy of legal blogs, broken down by the following categories:

I. General Blogs Advice for Lawyers and Law Firms General Legal Blogs General Blogs – Law and Culture, Economics, Politics, etc.

II. Blogs Categorized by Legal Specialty Specialty Blogs

   * Administrative Law
   * Admiralty Law
   * Advertising Law
   * Alternative Dispute Resolution 
   * Animal Law
   * Antitrust Law
   * Appellate Law
   * Automobile Law
   * Aviation Law
   * Banking Law
   * Bankruptcy Law
   * Business/Corporate Law 
   * Civil Liberties Law
   * Class Action Law 
   * Consumer Law
   * Constitutional Law
   * Construction Law
   * Criminal Law – General
   * Criminal Law – Defense
   * Criminal Law – Sentencing
   * Disability Law
   * Education Law
   * Elder Law
   * Election Law
   * Empirical Legal Studies
   * Employment Law
   * Energy Law
   * Environmental Law
   * Evidence
   * Family Law
   * Fashion Law
   * Federal Procedure
   * Firearms Law
   * Foreign Law
   * Gaming Law
   * Government Law
   * Health Law
   * Immigration Law
   * Insurance Law
   * Intellectual Property – General
   * Intellectual Property – Copyright
   * Intellectual Property – Patent
   * Intellectual Property – Trademark
   * International Law
   * Internet Law
   * Legal Academia
   * Legal Ethics
   * Legal History
   * Legal Malpractice
   * Legal Publishing
   * Legal Research
   * Legal Theory
   * Legal Writing
   * Media Law
   * Medical Malpractice Law
   * Military Law
   * Personal Injury Law
   * Privacy Law
   * Property Law
   * Psychology and the Law
   * Religion and the Law
   * Security Law
   * Space Law
   * Sports Law
   * Tax Law
   * Technology and the Law
   * Telecommunications Law
   * Tort Law
   * Trial Practice

III. Blogs Categorized by Law or Legal Event Case Blogs Statute Blogs Trial Blogs

IV. Blogs Categorized by Jurisdictional Scope State Blogs Federal Circuit Blogs U.S. Supreme Court Blogs

V. Blogs Categorized by Author/Publisher Anonymous Blogs Association Blogs Blogs by Judges Book Supplement Blogs Class and Student Group Blogs Institute Blogs Law Firm Blogs – Listed by Blog Law Firm Blogs – Listed by Firm Law Journal Blogs Law Library and Librarian Blogs Law Professor Blogs Lawyer Webjournals Newspaper Blogs

VI. Blogs Categorized by Number of Contributors Group Blogs

VII. Miscellaneous Blogs Categorized by Topic Blogs about Judges Event Blogs Fictional Blogs Humor Blogs

VIII. Collections of Legal Blogs Blog Post Collections Legal Blog Collections Legal Blog Networks

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